Nice to meet you.

Hello, my name is Sofie Angevaare and I am a content specialist and freelance writer who travels the world.

10 words about me

Curious, adventurous, kind, generous, and optimistic.

Those are the five words that probably describe me best. I’m someone who seeks to bring out the best in herself and others and expresses her kindness to everyone who crosses her path. I continuously focus on developing and reinventing myself.

Responsibility, authenticity, freedom, respect, and understanding.

Those are the five values I intend to stay true to in all my endeavors. I seek to adhere to and express them in my work, my words, my relationships, and the decisions I make.

What other people say about me

My fascination with communication and writing

All aspects of communication have interested me as long as I can remember: talking with hands and feet with children who didn’t speak the same language, creating secret sign language with symbols no one would still be able to translate today, or coming up with new words for (imaginary) objects, concepts, or ideas; I loved all of it. But especially, learning how to read and write.

Entire worlds birthed into life on paper. So from the very first letter, writing is what I did.

Even before I could write actual words, let alone full sentences, I’d mark down single letters on separate papers and staple them together. Doing so, I created my first little “books” at age 4.

A few years later, I’d spend most of my free time behind an old school typewriter, typing and typing until long after my fingers got sore. That’s how much I enjoyed the worlds I found myself creating on those paper rolls.

What is it that people really want to read and when?

“Sofie is still remembered by many of her former clients at my agency. Not only as a talented PR consultant and copywriter but probably even more so for her great personality. A pleasure to work with, both professionally and personally!”

Serge Beckers Managing Partner at Wisse Kommunikatie

“Sofie adds sense and simplicity to her assignment, is focused and easy going while firmly holding her ground and delivering the expected results. So if you are looking for a professional with strong PR, content & copy skills and an amazing personality do contact Sofie.”

Testimonial Sofie Angevaare
Mariëlle Krouwel Head of Brand Portfolio, Media & Communications at de Volksbank

“Sofie has worked with Springest and quickly gained trust internally and externally to own our PR and content marketing efforts. She also took initiative in organising events, developing partnerships with other companies in our field, and built relationships we still benefit greatly from.”

Ruben Timmerman CEO at Springest

Clients and employers

Uncovering the value of words 

After my studies Commercial Communications (Hogeschool Utrecht, 2007) and Intercultural Communications (Tilburg University, 2010), I discovered public relations. An interesting field of work as it allowed me to be creative with both words and strategies.

I consider it an art to translate company and/or product related content into stories that journalists, media, and target audiences are happy to read and share.

Which information truly helps the reader get ahead, and why?

I strive to produce work that’s valuable in and by itself, meaning within and outside of the context of the organization. With every assignment, I aim to go beyond the goals of the words I’m writing – without losing sight of their purpose. Words that matter is what I end up with. Words that resonate with their intended readership; content that works.

In 2014, a new employer and developments in the media landscape made me proceed from PR to content marketing. Since then, the value of my work was no longer only measurable in advertising value and reach but also in leads.

As a content manager, I set up sales funnels with blog posts, articles, emails, ebooks, and other content that converts at multiple organizations.

To share even more words of value, I also launched my own blog, called Life Without Filter.

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Living the dreams I put in words

One of the first poems I ever wrote as an eight-year-old writer in the making was (translated from Dutch):

“Dreams are lies, or so they say.
And often this is so.
But sometimes, also, dreams come true.
And this will be my dream.”

In 2016, my dreams and my curious and adventurous nature enticed me to move abroad. First to the ever-sunny, peaceful Mediterranean island of Malta, and after to what I now consider one of the biggest loves of my life, Malaysia.

Here, my personal and professional development rapidly evolved (partially thanks to my experiences at Mindvalley) and in May 2018, I decided to enter my future as the “digital nomad” I had long longed to become.

Now, my work as a freelance content specialist and writer enables me to travel frequently. 

During my travels, I get to meet incredible human beings from all around the globe on the daily and this makes me beyond happy. I love diversity and cultural differences but also find great common ground in everyone I meet and each environment I set foot in.

Making dreams come true is exactly what I’m doing now.

I go where my words flow

Obviously, my love for the written word has got me reading and writing everywhere I go but it has become just as common for me to dance almost every day. Salsa, kizomba, and bachata are my muses. Besides dancing, I  practice a little yoga and I meditate to stay fresh, focused, and inspired. And if I need anything else to (re)kindle creativity, I visit the beach. I consider it my temple and my sanctuary, and you can find me there often. Especially in Asia.

My current location? Bali, Indonesia.
Time zone: GMT+8.

Which dream can I help you realize with my words?

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