Interview with Neale Donald Walsch


Neale Donald Walsch is one of my favorite authors of all time and the article below is the result of one of the most profound conversations I have ever had in my life.

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Date: March 30, 2018
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Neale Donald Walsch On Awakening The Species, Who We Are, And What Truly Matters

Who are we, as individuals, as a species? Why are we here on Earth? And what’s life really about? Well, there is something quite extraordinary happening. A process is unfolding, right now, and we are all a part of it: the evolution of humanity.

Modern-day spiritual messenger and author of the best-selling book series Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch, is putting it in words that deeply resonate with millions of people around the globe.

Book one in the Conversations With God series was issued in 1995 and became a true publishing sensation, staying on the New York Times best-sellers list for no less than 137 weeks. It was followed by three more phenomenal books in the same series, the last one being published last year: Awaken The Species.

But the fact that Neale’s books strike a chord with their readers and spread like wildfire is no surprise. At least not to Neale himself. Because the wisdom he shares, or so he explains, comes from a place we all know – a place inside ourselves. Neale Donald Walsch, in that light, is simply a messenger of an idea whose time has come: the idea of who we are, an individuation of divinity.

“All things are one thing, and all things are part of the one thing there is. Separation is an illusion.”

A conversation with Neale Donald Walsch about his mission, the purpose of life, our soul’s agenda, and the evolution of mankind.

The Conversations With God That Started With An Angry Letter

Neale Donald Walsch uncovered the sagacity he shares in his books and teachings after writing an angry letter to God more than two decades ago.

He did so at a point in his life where everything seemed to come crumbling down for him – physically, emotionally, and financially. At the time, he experienced nothing but struggle and failure. A feeling many of us can surely relate to: “Why is nothing working for me?” Or we’d ponder in moments like these, “What am I doing wrong?”

In his letter to God, Neale demanded to know why he encountered all of the misfortune he perceived and what it would take to make his life work. And to his own astonishment, his questions were heard.

Soon after his cry for help he found himself receiving answers. And it was immediately clear to him that these answers were not coming from him, but through him. From God.

However, Neale reminds us strongly, God is not apart from us. We onlythink we are apart from God. Just as we think we’re apart from each other.

“Each of us are to God, as the wave is to the ocean.”

Ever since he received these profound insights, Neale Donald Walsch has embarked on three missions in life, or as he puts it himself: “I was given three invitations: One, change the world’s mind about God. Two, give people back to themselves. Three, awaken the species. And I spend almost all of my waking moments engaged in some aspect of those three missions.”

Neale Donald Walsch - Mindvalley U
Neale Donald Walsch on stage during Mindvalley U 2017 in Barcelona

Why Neale Refuses To Be Seen As Someone With Superpowers

Despite the fact that many (including myself) may look at him in awe for what he is able to bring into the world, Neale himself refuses to be depicted as somebody who has some sort of special superpower.

“I will simply not allow it,” he states. “I haven’t been given some magic combination that opens the lock that opens the safe where all the treasures are found.”

Instead, Neale knows that the wisdom that comes through him resides in all of us – as does God.

“The information was accessible to me because it’s accessible to everyone.”

“God lives and resides within all of us. Each of us are to God as a wave is to the ocean. The wave is not disconnected from the ocean in any way. It’s merely an individual expression of the ocean. It arises from the ocean, expresses as a powerful wave, then recedes back into the ocean, then arises again as another kind of wave, then recedes back into the ocean. But the wave is not something other than the ocean. It’s an expression of the ocean. So are we. We are not something other than God, we are simply an expression of God.”

And “not a single one of us is more special than another,” says Neale.

The opposite way of thinking – that there are some people “more special” than others – is, in fact, what has caused humanity many problems since the dawn of time. It has caused people to believe that some are more deserving than others, that some have more rights than others, and that there is reason for discriminative or seclusive behavior. Even reason for violence and war. And – of course – none of that is true.

“The idea that someone is more special than someone else is what has been the destruction of the world.”

The reason his books have become so widely read, Neale says, is because people recognize their own truth in it: “One of the most often heard statements from people who’ve read my books through the years – the thing they say to me more often than any other thing is, ‘Hey, you wrote my book.’”

So rather than wondering why Neale is the one receiving this information, he thinks it is much more interesting to ask the question: “Why are so many people on Earth – hundreds, thousands of us – receiving these answers right now?”

The Mission And Purpose We All Share

Awakening the species is not just his mission, Neale elaborates: “As anyone who has read Book 4 knows, it’s the mission that we are all invited to undertake… So I join the other eight billion people in that mission.”

Similarly, the purpose of his life, is not just his purpose. It’s that of all of life. And that is “to recreate ourselves anew in the highest version of the grandest vision we ever had about ourselves.”

Unfortunately, however, most people do not hold a vision of that, says Neale. Much less a vision of who they want to be.

“And the few people who do have a vision,” he goes on to say, “only have one in terms of what they want out of this physical life: They say ‘I want to be earning such and such income,’ or, ‘I want to have this particular job,’ or, ‘I want to find this particular kind of life partner.’”

But according to Neale those things have nothing to do with the reason that we’re here.

“98% of the world’s people are spending 98% of their time on things that don’t matter.”

“Maybe their personal vision is to earn a certain amount of money, and they have a goal to reach a certain income level by the age of 29, or 35, or 43. But most people that I have encountered do not have a vision for themselves with regard to their soul’s agenda.”

And we could all fare much better if we’d do some more soul searching, he teaches.