Press releases

Data Center Expansion – Press Release

EvoSwitch was one of my clients during my time as a Communications Consultant at Wisse Kommunikatie. The company was founded in 2007 as part of the Ocom Group, a global internet services company. I managed several PR campaigns for it, most of them focused on sustainable data center services.

Taboo On Mental Illness – Press Release

SIRE is an independent foundation that highlights societal issues and opens up the debate with the Dutch public, opinion leaders, and decision makers. The campaign Breaking the Taboo on Mental Illness helped raise awareness of the stigma and taboos surrounding mental illness. It also challenged people to think about their response to those around them with similar complaints. I was responsible for the PR of this campaign, which included a.o. organizing a press conference, writing press releases, and pitching interviews and TV appearances.

Financial Concerns – Press Release

SNS is one of the larger national banks in the Netherlands and part of the Dutch Volksbank. As a socially concerned organization, it strives to create financial well-being for everyone in the country. In my role as PR & External Communications Consultant a.i. I was able to contribute to this cause by launching various content campaigns to raise awareness for financial struggles and concerns in the Netherlands.